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How to List a Domain for Sale: Step-By-Step Guide

Interested in listing a domain name for sale? You have come to the right place! Our step-by-step guide will show you how to list a domain in the easiest way possible!

Selling domain names online is a profitable business. You can definitely make some extra money on the side by selling domains on online domain auction sites or on popular domain marketplaces. However, in order to sell your domain, you need to know how to list that domain first.

Our step-by-step guide will give you basic instructions on how to list your domain.

So, the first thing you need to do is to find a reliable online marketplace where you can possibly sell your domain. There are many domain name registrars such as, who can offer you the option to sell your domain name. Find a suitable domain name registrar and follow our guide. Please keep in mind that we are going to use general steps and phrases (the navigation or the control panel may differentiate from one domain registrar to another).

Tips about

  • Sign into your account
  • Select the Domain List (the domain list is usually from the left sidebar). Once you’ve selected the Domain List, click on the Manage button (this button is located next to your domain)
  • Scroll down until you will find the Domain Settings section and choose option Sell Domains
  • This is the most important step as you need to enter the asking price for your domain, the number of days from the list period menu or how many days the domain is going to be listed on the marketplace, and you need to choose the listing category. Please keep in mind that if your domain name uses some kind of protection, that it will be sold along with the domain name.
  • Click Sell Domain to list the domain name for sale.

That’s it! These are the 5 steps you need to remember. As you can see the whole process is simple and it will only take few minutes out of your time. If you have additional questions, you can consult with your domain name registrar.

Using the services of a legit and reliable domain name registrar is extremely important. So, make a selection and choose the domain name registrar that suits your needs. Each domain registrar charges a different commission for the transaction.

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